Take the guesswork out of training and nutrition with online personal training. As personal trainers, we’ll give you structured training programmes and nutritional guidance.

We’ll help you make the most of your time to get the changes you want.

The standard price of an in-gym personal trainer would be around £160 per month for just one training session per week and this may be for the training sessions alone.

Our online personal training package includes so much more and is only £60 per month.

Have a look at what’s included:

Our clients get:



A digital consultation form to complete and a follow-up call if we’d like to know more.


Getting Started Guide

Everything you need to know to get up and running with your online personal training.


Reshape app

This is where we upload your personalised training and nutrition plans. You’ll also use the app to check in. You can contact us any time with the built-in message feature. 


Training Plans

Your training plan will be uploaded onto your training app. You can fill it in as you go and it’ll let you know what you did last session and inform you of any personal bests. The workout will also be saved on your timeline for future reference.


Members-only Facebook Group

With live Q+A sessions, additional tips and workout videos.


Weekly check-in

You will check in every Sunday via the app with your body stats and progress photos. We’ll make adjustments to your plans based on your results.

There’s more:

  • New training program every month – gym or home workouts available
  • Nutrition plans – we will set your calorie, protein, carb and fat targets and give you sample meal plans. Our app also syncs with MyFitness Pal so that we can see what you are tracking. 
6 months ago

Very proud of Julia!

Getting the results she wants by being consistent, especially impressive when dealing with an injury that she's working around.

8 months ago
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What could you really achieve if you got your head down and really focused?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Having a plan in place and getting prepared is half the battle. Our ... See more

8 months ago

Expand your repertoire from plain chicken, rice and broccoli when it come to hitting your weight loss goals!
Our monthly members get a new recipe book EVERY month, which ... See more

8 months ago
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If your health and fitness regime feels like a punishment, what are the chances that you're going to stick to it long term? Who would want to keep doing something that makes them ... See more

8 months ago

🦍 Guillotine Press

🎯 Upper chest

📌 Set your bench on an incline under a smith machine. Using a wide grip, the bar lands at the collarbone. Reps should be nice and controlled - no bouncing ... See more

10 months ago
William Wylie Personal Training

“This diet is too expensive”

This is a phrase i hear sometimes whenever i send a diet plan over.

Yesterday Louise and I did our Tesco shop online. (Click and collect totally eliminates wasting ... See more

10 months ago

Claire is getting her year off to a great start! Sticking to her nutrition and training schedule is getting results.

Have something MAINTAINABLE when it comes to being healthy. Quick fixes don’t ... See more

10 months ago

Amazing feedback from our client Katy who is smashing her goals whilst working very busy shifts.

7.8kg / 17 pounds down

11.7cm off waist
10cm off hips
4.5cm off arms


Why not sign up ... See more

10 months ago

Happy new year everyone!
Best wishes for 2019, may it bring you health & happiness

10 months ago
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It’s amazing what can be achieved in just seven days!

A new year will soon be upon us and it can be daunting looking at those 365 days when it comes to working towards your goals.

Why not just ... See more

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